John Terry.

Earlier today I posted a question about whether or not John Terry should play in upcoming England friendlies.

I had 3 replies, although I was hoping for a lengthier response about your answer. 1 person plumped for yes, another said no, and one said why not.

My response? No he shouldn’t.

A) These are friendlies where we should trying out other players in positions in case of injury to those we feel are already on the plane to Poland/Ukraine, i.e. John Terry.

B) If Capello is sticking to the fact that he should pick players on form, then he wouldn’t pick Terry. The last couple of league games he has looked slow, sluggish and at times, not his normal commanding self. Apart from his goal against Arsenal, he has done nothing else to mention.

C) All the furore surrounding him at the moment will cause unnecessary grief and media attention on a side that already gets plenty of it. Rio Ferdinand wasn’t selected for an England team when he served his ban for missing a drugs test, and that was even before his trial. 

At the same time, I do feel that we will need him against Spain. However, we could witness John Terry get embarrassed, and then more of the media pundits would go back on what they said. Or we could witness a defensive masterclass.

Final note: If he is found guilty of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand, the FA should strip him of his captaincy, and never select him again. But then again, this is the FA.